Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Identifies School Choice As 85th Legislative Session Priority

By Peggy Venable

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick outlined his legislative priorities for the 85th Legislative Session and included school choice as one of the top issues.

At a press conference in Harris County, he focused on 10 issues he said Texans delivered a clear mandate to enact.

We at Texans for Education Opportunity are appreciative of Gov. Patrick’s commitment to school choice.

As leader of the Texas Senate, he vowed to work to deliver school choice for every child, not just the wealthy. He said parents who can afford private school tuition or can move to the suburbs have opportunities parents in inner cities don’t have. Gov. Patrick said all parents deserve the ability to select their child’s school and every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their version of the American dream.

“We will be working to deliver what the people have asked us to accomplish,” said Gov. Patrick, saying he has faith in the Senators to shape the specific policies.

He also outlined some additional education priorities which included rating individual school campuses so parents know how their individual schools are doing. He also addressed improving reading programs, addressing remedial education and focusing on teacher training to include expanding Teach for America.

“Teaching is a noble profession,” said Gov. Patrick whose wife has been a longtime teacher.

He discussed Texas’ economic success being dependent on an educated workforce and education reform as essential to promoting prosperity.

We at Texans for Education Reform appreciate Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s leadership and look forward to working with the Lt. Governor, the Texas Senate and the Texas House to provide every child with the opportunity to succeed by providing all parents with educational options.

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