Dan Patrick Touts School Choice at Kingwood Tea Party

Jim and Robin Lennon of the Kingwood Tea Party are known for having some of the most influential speakers at their meetings. Monday night proved to be yet another successful event with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick as the featured speaker. He was there to give a speech on the Texas Senate’s priorities for the 2017 legislative session. Standing room only, the back room of Los Cucos in Kingwood was full of energetic people, eagerly awaiting Dan Patrick’s highly anticipated speech.

Right out of the gate, school choice became one of the prominent topics of the evening. He gave an excellent explanation of school choice and said it was a conspiracy theory that school districts lose money with school choice. He stated that we’re currently appropriating over ½ of the state budget to education and some Texas legislators and education associations are asking for even more money. In reality, the US is falling behind other developed countries.

Our students perform poorly in reading, science, and math. All the money in the world is not going to fix a broken system that has failed our kids for years. We need to increase efficiency and hold these institutions accountable since we are, as taxpayers and consumers, paying them to perform a service. The best remedy is to put the decisions into the hands of the parents. Dan Patrick said it best: “School choice is not going to hurt public schools. It’s going to make them better.”