Texans for Education Opportunity Releases Statement Following Senate Committee Passage of School Choice Legislation (SB 3)

Texans for Education Opportunity Founder and Co-Chair Stacy Hock today issued a statement following the Senate Committee on Education’s passage of Senate Bill 3, which would establish an education savings account and tax credit scholarship program in the State of Texas:

“We could not be more pleased with the Senate Education Committee’s decision to pass SB 3 out of committee today, and we applaud Chairman Larry Taylor for his steadfast leadership on this important issue.

“We received an overwhelming out pour of support from not only the many individuals who testified in favor of SB 3 on Tuesday, but the millions of Texans who have expressed their support for school choice – and this legislation – in the months leading up to this week’s hearing.

“However successful we were in advocating for school choice in committee this week – the fight is long from over. We look forward to working with lawmakers in the weeks to come as this bill makes its way even further through the legislative process.”

The Senate Committee on Education heard testimony on this legislation for over 9 hours on Tuesday. It will now head to the Senate floor for wider consideration.