Texans for Education Opportunity Issues Statement Following Senate Passage of School Choice Legislation (SB 3)

Texans for Education Opportunity Co-Founder and Chair Stacy Hock today issued a statement following the Texas Senate’s consideration and passage of Senate Bill 3, which would establish an optional education savings account program in Texas:

“The Texas Senate’s passage of SB 3 is a huge victory for parents and students across the Lone Star State. This bill will go a long way to ensure as many Texas children are succeeding as possible, and will provide much-needed educational options for the children who need it most.

“We applaud Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Chairman Larry Taylor, and the senators who voted in favor of this legislation for their dedication to our children and steadfast leadership on this issue. We look forward to working with lawmakers in the House of Representatives to ultimately ensure that expanded educational options become a reality for all Texas students.”

Texans for Education Opportunity (TEO) is a statewide organization working with parents, community leaders and elected officials to advocate for expanding educational options in Texas. TEO seeks to advance meaningful legislation that would allow for every child in Texas the opportunity to attend the school of their parent’s choice.