Rep. Ron Simmons: Special-needs children will be forgotten no longer

Special-needs children will be forgotten no longer

By State Rep. Ron Simmons

Texas Tribune‘s TribTalk

For my wife and me, providing relief for families of special-needs children is personal.

We are the proud parents of a special-needs son. When he was younger, he struggled in a public school that could not give him the individual care he needed. We were fortunate to have the means to send him to a private school that helped him realize his full potential.

I want all families to feel the same relief we felt when we heard him say, “I finally feel like I’m a part of a team.”

That’s why I’ve authored House Bill 1335 to give these children an opportunity to receive the specialized care they deserve and to fulfill our state constitutional mandate. HB 1335 would give all special-needs students in Texas an alternative to the one-size-fits all public school system by establishing an innovative form of parental choice.

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