TEO Statement on House Rejection of School Choice Bill

Texans for Education Opportunity Founder and Chair Stacy Hock today issued a statement following the Texas House’s rejection of House Bill 21, which would have supplied public schools with an additional $530 million in funding and established a school choice program for students with special needs.

“We are deeply saddened by the Texas House for systematically shutting the door on thousands of special needs students in dire need of education options today.

“House Bill 21 was smart, responsible legislation that would not only have dedicated half a billion dollars to our state’s education system, it would have empowered the parents of students with disabilities to select the education best fit for their child’s needs. We must trust that parents know what’s best for their child, and when we improve education options for even one student, our entire future gets brighter.

“By killing this legislation today, certain lawmakers in the Texas House have deliberately ignored the will of a vast majority of Texans who support school choice. While disappointed, we are not defeated. We want to thank Chairman Taylor and Lt. Gov. Patrick for their leadership on this important issue, and working together, we will not rest until Texas children get the education options they deserve.”