What We Believe

Texans for Education Opportunity represents thousands of Texans from across the state that are committed to providing every child with access to a quality education. We advocate at the grassroots and grass tops levels, and directly with legislators in favor of expanding educational opportunities in Texas.  In our view, “educational choice” includes: education savings accounts, scholarship tax credit programs, public charter schools, virtual charter schools, home schools, and high-performing traditional public schools.

What We Support

Education Savings Accounts

Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) are an innovative option for parents to give their child the educational environment and learning tools they need to do well in school. ESAs allow for parents to receive a deposit of public funds — that they have contributed to through payment of taxes — into government-authorized savings accounts to defray the costs of educational expenses.

Participating families can easily access the funds through a restricted-use debit card that is loaded quarterly with funds for their child’s education. These funds can be used only on approved but vital education-related expenses such as accredited and licensed therapists, tutors, transportation, and approved online coursework in addition to a private education.

ESA’s are incredibly beneficial for students with special needs like autism, and are help to students who must travel longer distances to school.  ESA’s are meaningful to students who may be struggling with a course like algebra or geometry, and need the special attention of a tutor. For families with one or two working parents, ESA’s can be used for before or after school child care.  And what’s more essential to learning than paper, pencils and notebooks?  Parents can use their ESA to buy those, too.

Education savings accounts offer the greatest access to quality education options to each student. ESAs enable all students to access a customized education that meets their unique learning needs — ultimately helping parents and students maximize the potential of K-12 learning.

We support implementing an ESA program for any parent who needs extra help giving their child the very best education.

Charter Schools

Charters are independent public schools that are free to be more innovative while being held more accountable than traditional public schools for improved student achievement.

We support lifting the cap on the number of charter schools in Texas and providing equitable funding for charters.

Tax Credit Scholarship Programs

Tax Credit Scholarship Programs utilize voluntary, private contributions — encouraged through tax credits — to fund scholarships for children to attend the private school of their choice.

We support implementing a statewide scholarship program that benefits children in Texas, allowing them to use these scholarship funds to attend the school of their parent’s choice.

Innovative Learning Models

Innovation in education is essential and rewarding. Individualized learning plans, virtual education, intra-district choice, home schooling, and achievement school districts all offer parents a portfolio of educational options.

We support empowering parents with innovative educational options such as intra-district choice, virtual education, home schooling, and the implementation of achievement school districts.

Course Choice

Course choice enables students to craft an à la carte education, choosing from different classes offered in different settings, to customize an education to their specific learning needs or interests.

We support expanding course choice in Texas to provide innovative and individualized learning experiences for children based on their unique needs.

High Performing Public Schools

For many families, the neighborhood public school is providing their child with an education that meets their needs. These public schools often provide innovative learning environments, AP courses, magnet programs, and career training.

We seek to raise public expectations for high achievement by highlighting high-performing public schools and leaders. We will advocate for state polices that promote and reward high-performing public schools and educators.