Charter Schools

Williams: NAACP Vote Against Charters Moves Us In Wrong Direction

By Rosezina Williams, Houston Chronicle

As an African-American single mother who has struggled to find the right schools for my two kids, charter schools have been a blessing. Although I have children with very different needs, it was obvious that traditional public schools in Houston were failing to provide either of them with the education they needed, and charters have offered them a chance to achieve more.

This is why I am so disappointed that the NAACP board of directors earlier this month voted in support of a resolution calling for a moratorium on new charter schools.

Almost A Miracle

By Mario Loyola, City Journal

While President George W. Bush left office with an uncertain education legacy—his signature initiative, No Child Left Behind, has had mixed results—Governor Bush of Texas achieved genuine success as an education reformer, and the state’s schools still bear the mark of his influence. Promising to revamp the Texas education code, Bush ran for governor in 1994 on three education initiatives: charter schools, accountability, and vouchers. The first two produced significant legislative reforms,