The path to success for special needs children is within reach if Texas lawmakers act quickly

The path to success for special needs children is within reach if Texas lawmakers act quickly
By Ezzard Castillo

Life for my wife and I changed early in our marriage when we adopted a little girl with a learning disability.

We were told when she was very young that our daughter would be lucky if she learned basic life skills or could manage to work a menial job. We knew she desperately needed two things: she would need lots of love and an education that could meet her unique needs.

Ladner: Texas needs more school choice

Texas needs more school choice
By Matt Ladner
El Paso Times

When Texans look west, they can see what a brighter future could look like for their schools.

Arizona, Nevada and Texas all face crushing enrollment growth in public schools and severe teacher and facility shortages, but its Texas’ Western neighbors – not the Lone Star State – that have embraced 21st-century solutions to address today’s education challenges. Texas lawmakers should follow their example and embrace new opportunities for students to cope with modern challenges.

Rep. Ron Simmons: Special-needs children will be forgotten no longer

Special-needs children will be forgotten no longer

By State Rep. Ron Simmons

Texas Tribune‘s TribTalk

For my wife and me, providing relief for families of special-needs children is personal.

We are the proud parents of a special-needs son. When he was younger, he struggled in a public school that could not give him the individual care he needed. We were fortunate to have the means to send him to a private school that helped him realize his full potential.

WSJ: The Anti-School Choice Coalition

The Anti-School Choice Coalition
Wall Street Journal

National eyes are now on Texas! Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal put a spotlight on Texas and Maryland, asking the question: why won’t our elected leaders pass school choice for Texas students and parents?

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Texans for Education Opportunity Issues Statement Following Senate Passage of School Choice Legislation (SB 3)

Texans for Education Opportunity Co-Founder and Chair Stacy Hock today issued a statement following the Texas Senate’s consideration and passage of Senate Bill 3, which would establish an optional education savings account program in Texas:

“The Texas Senate’s passage of SB 3 is a huge victory for parents and students across the Lone Star State. This bill will go a long way to ensure as many Texas children are succeeding as possible, and will provide much-needed educational options for the children who need it most.